It was found out why men pay for sex


Some men believe that a phenomenon of paid sex is an addiction. A team of scholars, the majority of those are young women, surveyed more than 100 men from the USA, having an experience of relations with prostitutes, in order to shed light on reasons why men use paid love, ANI informs. As a result, it was found out that the majority of men believe that there is no anything wrong or immoral in prostitution, and 83 percent of men called paid sex a form of addiction.

It turns out that many men believe that women do that voluntarily. Just some of them believe that sex trade influences prostitutes negatively. 57 percent of surveyed said that prostitutes, they paid to, were subjected to violence from childhood. About 40 percent of men confessed that they had paid sex being drunk.

Many men perceive relations with a prostitute exclusively in a business sense. Pay for service allows, in their opinion, to do with a woman whatever they want, and she must not refuse. A woman of this profession is perceived as a product, which can be bought during shopping. An aim of this research was lobbing for a proposal to toughen legislation towards to men using services of prostitutes, cause 90 percent of surveyed said that they would stop using paid sex services if that threatened them with administrative or criminal punishment.

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